the ceremony


the practicalities

“So, what will the ceremony be like and what do we get for our money?” the wedding man hears you say. He also hears some of you thinking: “So, we don’t live in Spain, but you do… how does that work then?”. Whether you live locally or on a different continent, the wedding man can still help you create your unique and unforgettable wedding ceremony. Take a look at what the wedding man service includes:

  • an introductory meeting via videochat with the wedding man to ask all the above questions and more. And also to see if you like him!
  • then, if you do like him… all the contact required to tailor-make your wedding ceremony to perfection (videochats, phone calls, emails whatsapps etc.).
  • wherever possible, a meeting in person before the wedding.
  • a handy questionnaire to help you tell the wedding man about all the fun, sweet and memorable details of your particular love story.
  • useful practical advice and creative input on all aspects of your ceremony including the music, readings, vows and ring exchanges.
  • helpful suggestions about the range of traditional, modern and alternative ceremony styles (because there really are infinite ways to celebrate the big “I do” moment).
  • lastly, but not leastly; the best wedding, the happiest guests and the biggest newlywed smiles… ever!

the basics

The wedding ceremony is the ritual (and emotional) focal point of your big day. So, here are a few orientational documents to help you get your heads round all those ceremonial bits and bobs.