the ceremony


the languages

With a huge variety of idyllic venues on offer, every year hundreds of couples travel from all over the globe to celebrate their dream destination wedding in the Mediterranean. In fact, even local weddings in this very cosmopolitan corner of the world often have a very international flavour too. So, surely it would be really handy if the wedding man were a bit of a linguist, then? Yes, yes it would.

Luckily, he is! This means he can cater for many multicultural couples’ linguistic requirements by confidently conducting ceremonies in a mixture of English, Castellano, Français or Català.

The wedding man is also extremely happy to have a stab at a phrase or three in any other language to make ceremonies as inclusive as possible. So far, he has been heard speaking snippets of Serbian, Gujarati, Polish, Arabic, Dutch, Gaelic, Icelandic, Basque, Norwegian, Hindi, German, Estonian, Swedish and even some Cockney rhyming slang.

the happy couple map

The wedding man loves that he gets to work with couples from all over the world. Check out this neat graphic that pins the 41 different countries represented by 330+ happy couples who celebrated their big day with the wedding man!

Image of where the happy couples that the Wedding Man has married are from