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Your ceremony was exactly what we wanted… so many people said it was the best ceremony they'd been to; the right mix of everything.”
Anna & Russell (UK)

the hello

Congratulations! Twice. Firstly, because you are getting married. Secondly, because you just found the ideal wedding celebrant* for that most important of occasions. Based in Barcelona, the wedding man is an experienced, articulate and smartly dressed celebrant who really loves marrying people. To each other, that is. The wedding man will take great care to give your ceremony a unique, personalised touch to ensure that the key moment on your big day not only looks amazing, but feels amazing too. For more of an idea of who he is and what he can do for you, the wedding man recommends that you read the blurb below (it takes just 3 minutes, or 45 seconds if you scan read). If that seems like too much of an effort, then take a sneak peek at the video to see and hear the wedding man in action.

* the exact definition of a wedding celebrant is at the foot of this page.

the ceremony

It's your big day! So, whether it’s a 120 guest wedding or an intimate 2 person elopement, you should have the ceremony exactly the way you want it - the laws of gravity and public decency allowing. However formal or informal you choose to make your momentous occasion, the wedding man will guide you all the way. He will help you select the style of ceremony, the staging, the readings, the music and, of course, the vows that best reflect you and your partner’s feelings and tastes. The wedding man will provide you with an affectionate, tailor-made and professionally delivered ceremony that you, your family and friends will cherish forever and beyond. Just to give you a heads-up, most ceremonies last between 20-30 minutes.

the location

With the very, very blue Mediterranean and the very, very tall Pyrenees providing a picturesque backdrop, it’s no surprise that Catalunya is immensely popular with couples from here, there and everywhere wishing to tie-the-knot in style. The wedding man generally officiates at weddings in a variety of breathtakingly beautiful rustic and urban locations in and around Barcelona, but he would be more than delighted to conduct the ceremony further afield if required.

the language

With a huge variety of idyllic venues on offer, every year hundreds of couples travel from all over the globe to celebrate their dream destination wedding in Catalunya. In fact, even local weddings in this very cosmopolitan corner of the world often have a very international flavour too. So, surely it would be really handy if the wedding man were a bit of a linguist, then? Yes, yes it would. Luckily, he is. This means he can cater for many multicultural couples’ linguistic demands by confidently conducting ceremonies in a mixture of English, Castellano, Français or Català. The wedding man is also extremely happy to have a stab at a phrase or three in any other language should the couple so wish. In addition to the languages mentioned above, the wedding man has been heard speaking snippets of Serbian, Gaelic, Norwegian, Basque, Swedish, German and Cockney rhyming slang.

the happy couples

Rather than the wedding man sounding like a bighead by going on (and on…) about how great your carefully personalised ceremony will be, read what some recent newlyweds thought about his contribution to their big day. All testimonials are 100% genuine. It would be silly to make them up, no?

“It was brilliant to have such a relaxed personal ceremony that was just about us. Refreshing and different and serious and lighthearted in all the right places.”

Emmet & Anne-Marie (IRELAND)

It was the best. Loved every moment. Thank you.”

Callum & Stephen (UK)

“To say that the ceremony was perfect is an understatement! Simply spectacular!”

Pilar & Lucas (SPAIN)

“We are so very happy with the ceremony… our guests loved it! You truly made it memorable, special and different from other ceremonies.”

Monica & Lars (NORWAY)

“Incredible!!! Every single guest said it was the most personal ceremony they had ever been to.”

Emma & Helen (UK)

“You were perfect to deliver the ceremony we wanted; it was all we expected and more!

Tania & Sophie (UK)

“You did an amazing job creating the perfect balance of humour, sincerity and all the lovely nuances in between!”

Frances & Daria (UK & SERBIA)

“James has a natural charm and intuition and pitched our ceremony perfectly to engage everyone in a meaningful but light-hearted celebration.”

Jodie & Johnny (Ireland & Canada)

“Many thanks for a fantastic and unforgettable ceremony - everything was brilliant.”

Diana & Pedro (SPAIN)

“Your comfortable and genuine delivery made the event unique and inclusive. Your ability to create a ceremony that was sincere, personal and joyous was truly exceptional.”

Tim & Luisanna (USA & VENEZUELA)

“Perfection! Light-hearted, sincere and also sweet. Our guests all raved about you and how amazing the ceremony was!”

Annabelle & Michael (UK & USA)

“We were absolutely delighted… the whole ceremony felt really natural which was what we wanted; personalised and fun without losing its importance.”

Ellen-Nesta & Kevin (IRELAND & UK)

“Fantastic… you did a brilliant job of finding a balance between light-hearted and sentimental. It could not have gone better.”

Ian & Stephanie (UK & USA)

“You did an AMAZING job… it was a pleasure to have you with us on such a special day. You made the ceremony emotional and funny.”

Jorgina & Sean (CATALONIA & UK)

“Thoroughly wonderful job… the ceremony was exactly what we wanted: fun, authentic and warm.”

Niamh & Trevor (IRELAND)

Moving and heartfelt… an incredibly personal and funny ceremony. Loads of people mentioned how great it was.”

Katie & Paul (UK)

“You did such a marvellous job, we had lots of positive feedback saying what a lovely and unique ceremony it was; so a HUGE thank you.”

Vicki & Dan (UK)

the pretty pictures

Now give your brain a quick break from all that reading… and take a peek at a compact collection of sweet snapshots from recent ceremonies conducted by the wedding man. All the photos featured include the actual comments of either the happy couples themselves or the wedding planners.

the practical bit

“Yes, yes, that’s all well and good… but what will the ceremony be like and what do we get for our money?” the wedding man hears you say. He also hears some of you thinking: “So, we don’t live in Spain, but you do… how does that work then?”. Well, despite us being in different countries or on different continents, to help you create your unique and unforgettable wedding ceremony, the wedding man service includes:

  • an introductory meeting via SKYPE with the wedding man to see if you like him
  • then, if you do like him, all SKYPE chats, phone calls, WHATSAPPs and email contact required to tailor-make the content of your wedding ceremony to perfection
  • where possible, a meeting in person in Barcelona before the wedding
  • a handy questionnaire to help you tell the wedding man about all the fun, sweet details of your particular love story
  • useful practical advice and creative input on all aspects of your ceremony including the music, readings, vows and ring exchanges
  • helpful suggestions for a range of traditional and modern ceremony styles; there really are infinite ways to celebrate the big “I do” moment
  • lastly, but not leastly… the best wedding and the biggest newlywed smiles… ever!

the wedding man himself

His real name is James Humber and, although originally from England, he has lived in Spain for over 20 years. He has two cheeky, but lovely teenage children both born and raised in Barcelona. When not fully engaged in the busy spring/summer wedding season, James goes into hibernation in a centrally heated cave. Not really. Actually, quite the contrary; in autumn/winter he is just as busy as founder and director of a successful educational theatre company (Clever Pants Productions) that performs original plays in English to students of all ages throughout Spain and Portugal. He considers himself very lucky to have not one, but two fun and fulfilling jobs he loves doing.

the contact

For more information about availability, types of ceremony and different locations, please get in touch. It would be immensely handy if you could briefly state the planned time, date and location of the wedding and the nationalities/country of residence of you and your partner too. The wedding man looks forward to hearing from you soon - or even before.

the wedding man

multilingual wedding celebrant

the wedding man recommends

* the definition

So, what exactly is a wedding celebrant? Good question. A wedding celebrant is quite simply the person appointed by the happy couple to perform their wedding ceremony exactly the way they want it. The celebrant has a similar role to a Vicar, Imam, Priest, Rabbi, or State Registrar, but offers a non-religious ceremony that is not only highly personalised and completely unique to each couple, but also extremely meaningful to them. Simple, really.

The ceremonies led by a wedding celebrant are sometimes referred to as Humanist or “symbolic ceremonies” because of their private, non-denominational and non-institutional nature. However, although most couples do tend to get legally married prior to, or even after these ceremonies, ALL of them actually consider the ceremony with the celebrant to be their real wedding.

The wedding man ceremonies are therefore meaningful celebrations of an age-old, worldwide social ritual. Whilst the ceremony may be a formal and sincere public declaration of marriage, the ceremony is not legally binding unless supplemented by a civil marriage or partnership certificate from a Registry Office in the couple’s respective countries.

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